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Paracetamol met vitamine C geeft verlichting bij verkoudheid en of griep.


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Blijf nu op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws en producten met de nieuwsbrief van Bik & Bik Online.

Steradent Anti tandsteen pro 30 tabletten

Productcode: ST305059

Steradent Anti tandsteen pro 30 tabletten

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  • Nigel Edwards from Plymouth - Mei 2020

    " Very good service and efficient delivery. Product exactly as stated and works very well. Overall, very good experience and will certainly be ordering again. "

  • Mary Tierney from Co Tipperary - 2 Oktober 2019

    " I received my packet within 3 days of ordering - a fantastic service. Very impressed. "

  • Brian Brogan from glasgow - 2 Juli 2019

    " Great service with fast delivery. "

  • brian leafe from sandiacre - 1 April 2019

    " we ordered the steradent anti tartar pro tablets on the Tuesday evening and they arrived on the Thursday morning. they were packaged very well and we are once again extremely pleased with the service. "

  • Alan Hawken from St Austell, Cornwall - 2 April 2018

    " The product is unavailable in the UK, but ordering from Bik & Bik was easy and the service efficient. Postage is understandably comparatively high, but worth it for the performance of the product. "

  • Brian Brogan from glasgow - 1 April 2018

    " Great service as usual,so glad the we can get steradent anti tartar . "

  • brian leafe from sandiacre - 3 Maart 2018

    " yet again we have received great service from your company .The products we ordered came within two days. They arrived in excellent condition .Keep up your wonderful service. "

  • Norman BROWN from Chippenham - 2 December 2017

    " Excellent service, easy to order and very speedy delivery time "

  • brian leafe from sandiacre - 1 Mei 2017

    " After receiving this email we realised our order may have got lost. We quickly emailed and got a response back from bik bik saying they were going to look into it. They sent us a replacement order a few days later and we are very pleased . Everything in tip top condition. Thanks very much. "

  • Richard Temlett from SALISBURY - Januari 2017

    " Delivered within the quoted time, well packed and I wish these could be purchased in UK. I find that these steradent tablets remove the residue from the bottom of the glass I use to put my teeth in as well as removing the tartar from my teeth. Wonderful. "

  • Susan Foad from Charing, Ashford - 1 November 2016

    " Very pleased that I've been able to find this product which is no longer available in U.K. A fast and efficient service. "

  • Puddleduck UK - 1 November 2016

    " Third order for this Steradent Anti tartar pro unavailable in UK. Can't find any product better than this for a weekly intensive clean of false teeth; very highly recommended. Postage inevitably high but still worth it; I bulk buy. Bik & Bik consistently provide a fast first class service to the UK. Very happy customer "

  • Brian Brogan from glasgow - Oktober 2016

    " This product is the only one which properly cleans my implant denture. It is not available in the UK for some reason and Bik &Bik have been a life saver. Their service is fantastic. Now that I am on their list of customers, delivery is within 5 days. "

  • Mary Tierney from Nenagh - 2 Juli 2016

    " Parcel arrived on Tuesday 26/07/2016. Very fast service. "

  • David Wilson from Leeds - 2 Februari 2016

    " Fast service and no problems "

  • Brian Brogan from glasgow - 1 Augustus 2015

    " First class service I can recommend this company 5 Stars. "

  • bronwen curtis from daventry - Augustus 2015

    " great service-order info updated regularly-product arrived speedily-product not available in uk but got here as fast as Amazon UK!! "

  • Amanda Mitchell from Aldbourne, Nr Marlborough - 1 Mei 2015

    " At last - been searching everywhere for this product. Fab service and arrived in 3 days "

  • Puddleduck UK - Mei 2015

    " In my opinion Steradent Anti tartar pro is the most effective denture cleaner available over the counter. Can no longer find it anywhere in UK but still feel it's definitely worth the inevitable high postage costs from overseas to obtain this product! My recollection for English instructions is to use daily initially for a few days to thoroughly clean dentures, then once a week to prevent build up of tartar. The fact I will go to such lengths to obtain this product says a lot believe me. Now Bik Bik ......... second purchase continued exemplary service; buy with total confidence. "

  • diane williams from london - 2 Februari 2015

    " Excellent service - very fast and correct. "

  • Michael Underwood from Bournemouth - 2 Januari 2015

    " Excellent service and delivery. Will certainly use this company again "

  • Maureen Corrigan from Basildon - 2 Januari 2015

    " This product is no longer available to buy in the UK. I have no idea why it was discontinued as it is vastly superior to any products they have brought out since and I know that they have upset many customers because of it. Last year I was able to buy from a French company through Amazon but their stocks are exhausted now too, so I was delighted to find that I could have them sent from Bik & Bik in Holland. Of course the product works out more expensive to buy it this way but I stocked up on four months supply and am very pleased. They were sent very quickly and well packaged. I am very pleased. "

  • Ann - 1 Januari 2015

    " Arrived fairly quickly, the item is very good and does the job, my tooth feels very clean. I shall certainly be ordering again even though the postage is very expensive. "

  • Kathleen Cheese from Hassocks - Januari 2015

    " I ordered Steradent Anti Tartar Pro from Bik & Bik and was delighted with the service. Even though the product was ordered around the Christmas holiday, it arrived in a remarkably quick time. The couriers sent me a text message to say which day it would arrived and another to say at what time and they were as good as their word. An all round good shopping experience and I would recommend Bik & Bik. "

  • Margo McLellan from Isle of Arran - 1 November 2014

    " Impossible to find this product in UK anymore so in desperation I bought from Bik & Bik online and the transaction was super quick and efficient. "

  • Wendy Wyatt from North Harrow - November 2014

    " Parcel arrived very quickly, however one of the tubes was open and the tablets had become very sticky and were all over the other tubes. The main packaging was not damaged. "

  • Margaret from Sussex - 2 Augustus 2014

    " The only denture cleaner which actually removes tartar and leaves my dentures feeling really clean. So annoyed that it's no longer available in UK but, thanks to bik-bik and their excellent service, my dentures feel pristine again. "

  • John Mchallam from Bangor - 1 Maart 2014

    " Glad to find this product delivery was a bit expensive lost a least one tube due them all burst open you need to review packetging "

  • Zainab from London - Maart 2014

    " Struggle to find this product at all in the uk OR online so I'm glad I finally found somewhere that sells it, although international p+p is pricey, the product is worth it. "

  • Puddleduck UK - Februari 2014

    " Good communication and fast delivery from Bik & Bik. Unfortunately unable to purchase this product anywhere in UK and overseas postage costs inevitably makes these really expensive to purchase. But for me they are the best anti tartar weekly cleaning agent for my partial dentures that I have ever found and I will continue to source from overseas regardless of the cost. Instructions not in English, but I have found 10 minutes once a week does the trick for me - couple of times a week initially may be required. Thank you Bik & Bik for an easy transaction, fast response and for actually stocking this item with overseas delivery option. My praise is high and I am more than happy to recommend item and supplier to all. "

  • Christine Berwick from kirkaldy - 1 December 2013

    " Excellent service - recommend this company "

  • margaret blatcher from brighton - 2 Oktober 2013

    " A very good service i could not obtain Steradent Anti tartar pro in any chemist in the UK. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP . "

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